Wednesday, February 2

Reinvention is Never Finished

The fact of the matter is, I pay a lot for my training. A lot. Especially for a barista at Starbucks, it takes up a good chunk of my monthly income. Of course, my coach was right, I wouldn't miss the money. I never have. In a situation like that, the one thing I make a note of never doing is taking my training for granted. Every single day, I push past the pain, past the fatigue, past the weakness, and through what I once thought was my threshold. Whatever it takes, I get it done. If I must do the whole work out with a grimace because of the unbearable pain, I will. Quitting is never an option; the more unbearable it becomes, the harder I push. From that point, it's just telling myself how close I am to finishing. It is a reinvention and I, as the craftsman, must take care and be thorough so as to not miss a spot or a moment so crucial whenever it may turn up.

Reinvention. It's why we do these things. The reason we work out, diet, and push. Why would anyone want to cut out grains and dairy? These are major staples in the American diet... in fact... any diet, and they taste so damn good. We want to be recreated. Turned into a thing much better than we ever were before. Reinvention is not easy, it's not quick, and at first, it is barely anything you would ever call "convenient." But, we could say the same for anything that is ever necessary. Why would anyone ever want to work out so hard and so fast that they find themselves almost lifeless on the floor, even puking. To be better.

Be reminded, the road to true reinvention is difficult and, from what I've learned, looks nothing like what I've seen before. The American way of dieting and exercise has been a huge gimmick to latch on to as many passers by as possible to leech time and money from them. Phrases such as, "easy!", "fast!", "eat whatever you want and still lose weight!", etc. The commercials are filled with reassurance and stripped completely of truth. Why wouldn't they be? The fitness industry is one of the most under regulated industries on the planet. There are supplements out there that have some seriously terrifying ingredients, but we just take it in because some freakish body builder said, "It makes you bigger!!! *grunt*"

"Taking Super Xplode Max 5000 makes you bigger than a camel's hump!"

Forgive me for sounding like Al Gore, but the truth of the matter is quite inconvenient. True reinvention is far from the reassuring infomercials and magazine ads. It's a seemingly barren place with a population of few, but those who are there are strong and far from foolish. I've also come to discover that they are full of encouragement and love for the few who have chosen to brave the rocky road to reinvention.

Consider some things tonight. Consider why you do it. What is the driving factor? For some of us, it is undeniably shallow. You just want to get laid by tons of people, usually met in a dark night club where conversation is irrelevant due to the sound drowning speakers. I will have you know, it won't last. True reinvention is a constant search and journey, a thorough and constant self investigation. Only the mighty at heart are humble enough to tackle such a task. Ask yourself, are you following the path of reassurance, comfort, and complacency? Or are you blazing a trail down a narrow road that veers off into the dark night? The path that makes your friends call you crazy, that your doctors swear will kill you, and makes your mother say that she raised you better.

For those on the highway, I encourage an exit. To discover a journey that will change way more than your image. It will transform your life. It's not for the wishy washy or faint of heart. There are many exits, get off when you grow a pair and get determined for real change.

For the trailblazers, I commend you. The world thinks you are crazy, but you know what is right and will not waver. Continue to push the envelope and ride against the grain (Paleo pun! *chuckle*). Never give up my friends.

Be thorough, craftsmen, you are the masterpiece, take care of it.

WODea 2/2/2011

Run 1 Mile.
During the mile, every minute, on the minute, do 3 burpees.
30 Squat Snatches 135#/95#
Row 1500m

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