Tuesday, February 1

Don't Mess with Stress!

After everything I've tried... maybe this is the answer?

I know, I know. I, too, think the same thing about stress, "How the hell do I not get stressed?" In the end, it's a choice and a perspective thing, but as humans, we like to not take the time and effort to calm ourselves down. It's a whole lot easier to freak out. Let's not forget the other factors of stress. Lack of sleep and hunger. Pack your lunch and go to bed. You should be crying about the fact that you only got three hours last night. You're killing yourself. 

Hormones... get your mind out of the gutter. Cortisol is the devil incarnate (why is my computer trying to correct cortisol... it's a real word...). It is known to have destructive and catabolic (that's a real word too, computer) effects on your body, degenerating and breaking down muscle, packing on the tubb n' chubb (ok, fine, those aren't), and raising your blood sugar and pressure.

In short, freaking out, being hungry, and being tired is a slow, torturous suicide. College and work are important, but degrees and paychecks don't mean a damn thing when you're dead. Not to mention those degrees in exercise science and nutrition (and other fields of the nature) don't mean a thing when you're a stressed out fatty!

Balance is a hell of a thing to find, ain't it? Sure would knock all that stress junk right out of the window as you cruise right on down the highway of relaxation and awesome sauce. But, we have to address the issues we have at hand in our lives. Where can we cut the stress? What unnecessary loads am I taking on? For those who have anxiety, find a counselor, take a class (stay the hell off the drugs! There is a legitimate underlying issue that isn't gonna get fixed by a band aid in a Rx bottle).

Seriously, I know. It is nothing short of a daunting chore to fix it. In fact, it's stressing me out just thinking about handling my stress, but it has to be done. Not only will it make life more wonderful (or better than crap for those who aren't in happy town), it will aid you on your road to becoming a sexified beast-o-matic, and you're be clicking your heals in the air until your almost ninety (possibly more, granted if you're eating right and exercising... don't ask you're doctor what those things look like. Ha!). I know for sure I don't want to end up in a home, although, if I'm clicking my heels in the air at ninety, I might end up in an institution (I figured one day I'd grow up and stop being so obnoxious... one day).

So let's all sit down this week and take some time. How can we cut back on the stress?
I know I can ___________.
Well, hell. I have a list... Stop spending till I am close to broke just before pay day, sleep more (speaking of which... it's quarter past eleven...), pack my lunch, get a job that doesn't require me to wake up at 3:30am (bingo!), stop fighting with the rest of the family (I've yet to figure this out... It'd probably be a good idea, though...), re-learn to love my job (for now), and stop being so cynical and negative possibly (hmmmm... let's disregard all the parenthetical comments... d'oh!).

I encourage you to take some time this week and write it all down, keep it somewhere you know it is and reference it when you can... or... you can get those ever so sexy crow's feet with a side of muffin top... just sayin'...

Oh, yeaaaa!

Now... On to the WODea!!!

WODea 2/1/11

For time-
21-15-9-15-21 of:
Dead Lift 225#/185#
Dumbbell Thrusters 45#/35#
Box Jumps
Use a weighted vest/body armor for the whole WOD (Do you hate me yet?)

Post time to comments. Post thoughts to comments. I just want to be loved!


  1. I can't help but think my conversation with you yesterday helped influence the first few paragraphs of this post. Haha. Degrees in exercise science and nutrition...apparently I'm killing myself to get those degrees!


  2. It's ok, Ari. I'm killing myself too. Every time I open I only get 3-4 hours of sleep the night before. I gotta get out of there! Ha!