Saturday, January 29

What's the big idea?

Time's are moving along in life, and, to the best of my abilities, I am doing what I can to keep up. I've been wanting to document my progress via blog, but also be able to add a twist of my own to make it fun and more interactive. That's the big idea... er... WODea.

I'm a future games hopeful here to talk about my life, my training, my nutrition, my experience, and to throw out these crazy concoctions I come up with to see if anyone want to do them (or check if anyone is even listening).

Here's how this works! First, I talk about some space wasting useless junk like nutrition and WODs... and THEN I post a WOD I've thrown together from the G-14 Classified WOD File (or more than one). Where do you come in? Well, just like the main site ( you post time/scores/lifts to comments (videos along with  scores are greatly encouraged. Adventures are always so much more fun in groups. I will try to post WODeas as much as possible and you can cherry pick. Yes, I know, cherry pick... I said it. Take these WODs and supplement them to your programming that you are receiving from your box. Also, remember do not over train! Listen to your body! Some of this might be stupid programming, some of it might just not be good for you to do after or before whatever WOD you did already, so tread carefully. This isn't programming for any specific box, which is why you will never see me throw up a rest day. These are just idea WODs (hence, the cheesy coining of WODea). Also, I am not level 1 certified (yet) and am not using this to try to profit off of crossfit. In the end, I'm just blogging. Maybe, one day these things will get their own names and we can all come back to them and try again. Maybe you'll add them into your programming. Who knows? Also, feel free to track back to any other WODeas and try them and post. These don't have to be done in any order. They don't even really HAVE to be done. But, if you are willing to take the challenge... well... you know what to do.

Anyhow, before I babble on some more, you get the idea. Let's get going!

Let's start this adventure right. Why do we train? Ultimately, we train to be better. What we are better at is the variance between us all. We want to be stronger, faster, hotter, push harder, go longer, etc. Whatever it may be, we must dedicate ourselves to it. For some, it is for themselves. Years of being out of shape and fat lead one to draw the line and say no more. There is a yearning to live life better. To be able to spend hours in their garden or tool shed, doing the things they love the most. For others, it is for the ones they love. To be able to play with the children they love so dearly.

For some, it's to be better at what they do. Especially with athletes. "If I was just a little faster, I would have been in that end zone before the corner back caught me." "If I could jump higher, I would have gotten over that center." "If I was more agile, I would have been able to track that ball as it came back over the net."

Whatever our variance, the constant is betterment. To be a better you, whatever you are (unless you are a jabroni... just kidding). No matter what, attack the training. The WOD that feels like your enemy in the midst of the battle with it will later become your best friend. Conquer the mind, conquer the weight, conquer the WOD, conquer life. Everyday, approach with the same intensity, if not more, never less. If your day sucked, attack the WOD and embrace the suck it brings, then all the suck you felt before will fade. If your day was awesome, attack with the same intensity in which you attacked your day. Make it necessary to conquer and succeed. Always do it, for it is necessary.

"I will do today what you will not, so that I may do tomorrow what you cannot."

WODea 1/29/2011

Max reps thrusters 95#/65#
Every minute, on the minute, do 15 abmat sit-ups (if you have a GHD, use it).

Post number of thrusters done to comments. Post thoughts to comments.

Lastly, scale appropriately! Don't get rhabdo. Remember to listen to your body and know your abilities.

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